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Service Network

1. Technical Information
Printed and electronic Operation Manuals, Accessory Lists and Maintenance Manuals for our vehicles are available.

2. 24-hour Technical Support
King Long provides 24-hour technical support. We can be reached at 400-8866700 or Hotine:+86-592-6370689 E-mail:service@mail.king-long.com.cn

3. Technical Training
To better serve customers, King Long invites authorized agents to receive training. The King Long staff can offer on-site training to clients, according to customers' requirements.

4. Onsite Technical Support
According to vehicle use conditions and clients' needs, King Long's agents can help clients resolve any client problems or questions with help from our service engineers.

5. Services Available at Any Time
King Long's local authorized agents can offer guidance to customers to enable them to maintain their vehicles. Periodic vehicle maintenance is provided to ensure the best performance.

6. Spare Parts Supply
(1) We can provide clients with wearing parts and other necessary parts, to make maintenance convenient and easy.
(2) We can supply spare parts at competitive prices throughout the service life of any vehicle.

If you have any other questions on warranty or technical support, we welcome you to contact us via any of the following methods: