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Research and Development

Leading Scientific Strength Creates Excellent Products
King Long has powerful R&D strength and owns first-class R&D and testing institutes, such as enterprise technology centre, postdoctoral scientific and research workstation, and energy conservation and safety testing centre. Our company has 600 technical elites devoting themselves to basic technologies development and model design.

Research and Development Centre Vehicle Test Centre Postdoctoral Scientific and
Research Workstation

Innovative Development Leads to High Performance Vehicles
With the development of the society, people lay increasing emphasis on the safety performance, energy-saving technology and information technology of the vehicle. In recent years, depending on its postdoctoral scientific and research workstation, King Long sets up a New Technology Research and Development Department to focus on the study of active and passive safety technologies, energy conservation and emission reduction technologies, and on-board information technologies, significantly improving the safety, fuel economy and level of intelligence.

Responsible for vehicle design and development, our model design department follows the development process of conceptual design, engineering design and prototype testing to develop new vehicles. They strictly adhere to the requirement from product planning department on product positioning, functional requirement, cost objective, dynamic property, and controllability. Taking every last detail into consideration, we struggle to offer the product with high riding comfort, easy maintenance and high economical efficiency. It is our final aim to provide vehicle conforming to user's requirement.

Product Planning Sample Car Production Modelling Proposal
Clay Model 6129Y Testing Engineering Design