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Product Planning

Product R&D Begins with Deep Insights into Users
Product management begins with market research and development. To learn user demand is the first step in our business activities. Considering this, King Long has established a special market research and product planning team to comprehensively understand user need, local driving environment, vehicle service conditions, and the improvement suggestion, through a series of investigation in passenger station and maintenance service station. In addition, we also carry out customer visiting, questionnaire survey, and field experience to formulate new product development plan for different target markets.

Yearly, our product planning team attends the Busworld in Europe and IAA Commercial Vehicle Show to understand the latest industry development tendency and form the middle-term and long-term product roadmap by combining with the requirements from target markets. The scientific and meticulous product planning guarantees that every model is created to meet the customer actual needs and leads the world in technology.

Special Products to Particular Markets In recent years, King Long has specially developed a series of vehicles for different target markets. These products are highly praised by the users ever since the launch in market, including BRT bus for Iranian, stainless steel body school bus for Australia, aluminum body bus with for Singapore, Euro V standard low-floor bus for Malta, suburban bus for domestic and international suburban transport routes, and smart school bus for domestic schools.

Dedicated school bus XMQ6126K exported to Australia. It is made of stainless steel body.

King Long cooperated with European top-ranked public transport company ARRIVA. We produced 176 buses for Malta, which was the largest order for the vehicle exported to European Union country.

We exported 300 18m BRT buses to Iran. It was the biggest order for BRT bus from Chinese supplier.

King Long customized XMQ6120C suburban bus for medium and short distance suburban routes. The product received sound reputation in the market home and abroad.