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Development History

King Long started implementation of its international marketing strategy in 2000. After more than ten years of exploration in overseas markets, King Long buses have been sold to five continents including Asia, Oceania, South America, Africa and Europe, serving users in over 100 countries and regions, and King Long takes the lead to enter 12 EU countries, such as Germany, UK, Italy, France and Malta. King Long ranks the second place in terms of new bus share in Italy's tourist bus market and has a market share over 70% in Malta's public transit bus market.

King Long took the lead to enter the EU market early in 2005, and has successively established brand marketing and service agencies in many EU countries like the UK, Germany and Italy.

In 2011, King Long joined hands with ARRIVA to export 172 units Euro V standard buses to Malta, marketing a milestone as the first Chinese bus manufacturer to work with the EU's largest transport operator.

In 2012, 300 King Long 18m BRT buses were sent to Tehran, the capital of Iran. It was the largest BRT bus export order that domestic bus enterprises have ever received.

In 2013, 329 King Long vehicles were distributed to South America. Since marching into South America in 2007, King Long has obtained high recognition in the market.

We have a stable and growing international business. With our world-class manufacturing bases, vast international sales and service network, as well as global sourcing of vehicle parts, King Long is striving to become the leader in the international coach, bus and mini van manufacturing industry.