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11m, Hybrid Electric Bus, XMQ6110C

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

 11m Hybrid Electric Bus, XMQ6110C

With the development trend of urban integration, circulation of personnel and resources between cities will become increasingly frequent. To serve inter-city commuting market better, King Long passenger vehicle has unveiled XMQ6110C hybrid power inter-city bus. With two vehicle lengths (10m and 11m), such a model can meet actual operational requirements of inter-city buses. Meanwhile, plug-in hybrid electric bus features advantages of both traditional power and pure electricity, which can flexibly adapt to different road conditions in operation, opening a new era of inter-city commuting.

King Long pure electricity bus with a length of 7-12m can meet the demands for green travel and provide tailored solutions according to the needs of different niche markets. King Long pure electricity bus with Eco-chip new-energy management system redefines comfortable travel for you and provides different travel experience for the general public in safety, reliability and intelligence, making nice trips perfectly blend with natural harmony.

King Long has invested a lot in building a first-rate new-energy passenger vehicle technology test center in China and adopts the electrically controlled system V R&D mode in line with international standards, carrying out independent R&D from five technical cores of new-energy passenger vehicles, such as engine system, power battery system, motor drive system, electric accessory system and vehicle control system. The equipped ECO-chip new-energy management system has established 5D value drive system, making management of new-energy passenger vehicles more convenient, intelligent and efficient.

XMQ6110C hybrid electric bus, with cockpits designed according to ergonomics and reasonable button layout, provides more convenience for drivers in operation and control. Driver seat with cushioning function can relieve driving fatigue effectively, providing comfortable and easy driving experience. The vehicle provides all-round security protection, making you free from worry along the journey. Scientific body structure design has greatly enhanced the body strength and cathode electrophoresis of complete vehicle has improved a lot the service life of body. Meanwhile, power management system, bus system and on-board computer system have been applied, securing your trip with technologies.

Technical Specifications of 11m Hybrid Electric Bus
Length(mm) 10700
Width(mm) 2550
Height(mm) 3150,3300,3340
Fuel type Oil&Electricity
Displacement(L) 6.494
Motor type PMSM
Rated power/Peak power 80/135