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11m, 24-51 Seat, XMQ6110C EV

 11m Electric Bus, XMQ6110C EV

King Long has produced pure electric bus represented by XMQ6110C tailor-made for urban commuting and group leasing markets. With tough body lines, simple, classy and elegant verve, such a model becomes a mobile landscape of city travel. Featuring large load capacity and high cost performance, XMQ6110C EV can meet the demands for group leasing and urban commuting.

XMQ6110C EV electric bus is equipped with capacious space and YouLe adjustable seats with high backrests, providing comfortable travel. Scientific arrangement of driver zone allows larger cabin space. Meanwhile, vehicles of the model have optimized arrangement of battery layout, with fording depth reaching 500mm. The integrated high-capacity luggage rack makes it easy to place carry-on luggage.

Technical Specifications of 11m 24-51 Seat Electric Bus
Seating arrangement 24-51
Length(mm) 10700
Width(mm) 2500
Height(mm) 3380
Maximum speed(km/h) 100
Maximum climbing degree(%) 15
Motor type PMSM
Rated power/Peak power 100/180
Energy storage device type LFP Battery
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