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Negative Pressure Ambulance Series

A negative pressure ambulance is an ambulance with special enhancements to help safely treat and transport patients with infectious diseases. The main feature of the negative pressure ambulance is its negative pressure filtering and disinfecting system. This function forms a negative pressure zone inside the medical compartment of the van and its air is discharged after being filtered, limiting the spread of disease.

  • Negative Pressure Medical Cabin

    Negative Pressure Medical Cabin
    The air pressure inside the negative pressure ambulance is kept beneath the barometric pressure outside by technical means, so that the air can only flow from the outside to the inside. The air inside the medical cabin will be discharged after passing through a bio-safety negative pressure exhaust purification device. Therefore, the probability of cross infection among medical staff is considerably minimized during the process of treating and transferring patients with infectious diseases.

  • Stretcher-type Negative Pressure Isolation Cabin

    Stretcher-type Negative Pressure Isolation Cabin
    The stretcher-type negative pressure isolation cabin is a special option that can be added to negative pressure ambulances. The patient is settled inside the negative pressure isolation cabin and any contaminated air within this cabin is filtered and purified before it is discharged into the atmosphere.

  • Safe and Isolated Treatment Area

    Safe and Isolated Treatment Area
    The King Long Kingwin negative pressure ambulance has a medical cabin space of 3240×1555×1600 (mm) while the Kingo negative pressure ambulance has a medical cabin space of 3360×1700×1570 (mm). The ceiling and the partition walls of the medical cabin are all made of polymer materials with good isolating capacity, corrosion resistance, ventilation performance, and bacteria resistance, so that the medical staff is provided with sufficient, convenient space for emergency treatments inside the ambulance.

  • Independent Cab and Medical Cabin

    Independent Cab and Medical Cabin
    The driver cabin and the medical cabin are provided with independent air conditioning systems. A partition is set behind the driver's seat, integrating to the van body without any joint seam, so that the cab in the front is fully isolated from the medical cabin in the back.

  • People-oriented Specialized Facility

    People-oriented Specialized Facility
    All cabinets inside the medical cabin are made of imported white medical PVC crust microcellular foaming panels and are deliberately designed without hard edges and corners in the front to prevent injury during bumpy journeys.

  • Negative Pressure Ambulance

    There are windows and blind windows on both the left and right sides of the medical cabin. The left windows and the rear windshield are attached with semi-transparent film to the height of 2/3 of the glass for the purpose of protecting patient privacy.

  • Negative Pressure Ambulance

    Specialized equipments like ultraviolet disinfection lamp and central oxygen supply interface are included in the ambulance. With them, the medical staff can make every effort possible in the limited space to help people.

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