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12m, 53 Seater, XMQ6127Y

 12m Coach, XMQ6127Y

Description of 12m 53 Seater Coach
The XMQ6127Y coach is equipped with a Cummins engine which has 10.8L, 8.9L, 8.3L displacements for you to choose from. In addition, it can be manufactured with three type of brake system. The first type brake system is mainly composed of drum type front and rear brakes; the second type comes with disk front brake and drum rear brake; and the third type comes with full disc brakes. You can drive this coach under different road conditions. The coach is 12 meters long and has 53 seats for passengers. Because of the 6350mm wheelbase, there is wider space in the coach, which can ensure a comfortable journey for everyone.

Technical Specifications of 12m 53 Seater Coach
Model XMQ6127Y
Direction LHD/RHD
Length* Width* Height (mm) 12000×2490×3800 (With air conditioner)
Wheelbase (mm) 6350
Front overhang/rear overhang (mm) 2380/3270
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 240
Seating arrangement 53+1+1
Fuel tank capacity (L) 350L
Model CKD C300 20 ISME420 30 ISLE+300 ISL8.9E5 400
Emission standard Eour Ⅱ Euro Ⅲ Euro Ⅲ Euro Ⅴ
Rated power (kw/rpm) 221/2200 309/1900 221/2200 400 / 2100
Rated torque (N.m/rpm) 1125/1200 2010/1200 1250/1200 1700/1300
Displacement (L) 8.3 10.8 8.9 8.9
Transmission & Clutch
Clutch Chinese NO SACHS SACHS
Transmission Chinese manual 6-gear transmission ZF AM transmission (with hydraulic retarder) ZF 6-gear transmission ZF 6-gear transmission with hydraulic retarder
Front Chinese Front axle Chinese front independent suspension (including front axle) ZF front independent suspension (including front axle)
Rear Chinese Rear axle Chinese Rear axle ZF Rear axle
Suspension system Chinese 6-airbag air suspension Chinese 6-airbag air suspension ZF all-gasbag air suspension
Steering system Chinese ZF ZF
Brake system
Brake system (Disc/Drum) Front/Rear Drum Front Disc Rear drum Full Disc
Tire Chinese Tubeless Tires 12R22.5
Door & Window
Doors Aluminum, remote control, out-swing doors
Side Windows Toughened glass Privacy hollow glasses in side windows Side windows with outer-gray and inner-green hollow glasses
Driver Leather adjustable damping suspension driver seat Leather adjustable damping suspension driver seat Leather adjustable damping suspension driver seat
Passenger Made in China Chinese Chinese
Air Conditioner
Type King Long roof-mounted non-independent air conditioner
Type Independent water heating with air blower WEBTO Heater WEBTO Heater
Type Wide vision electric rear view mirror (with defroster)
Other Standard Equipment
CAN Bus system (tachographer with print & display), C type baggage rack, common paint, multi-disk DVD, 17" fixed LCD

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